About the Merry Miner Micro Brewery


The Merry Miner Brewery was founded in October 2010 by Mr. Alan Wood after Alan bought took over Discovery Ales which had been operating in the area since 2007.

Having worked in the pub and club retail business since 2005 for Dowbridge Distributors Ltd. Alan gradually developed a keen interest in the brewing trade which led him to purchasing and starting his own brewery 5 years later.

Alan did not have to think too long about what to name the new brewery as he decided very quickly upon The Merry Miner Brewery due to his own personal and family connections to the mining industry and also because mining was such an integral part of the Midlands area where the brewery is situated.

Alan felt that retaining a traditional connection to the mining industry through the Brewery name was needed as a token of preserving the memories of an industry that was once such a vibrant part of Tamworth and Atherstone communities where the brewery is based.

In fact mining was in the blood of the Wood family name as Alan's father and grandfather before him had also worked in the mining industry which of course demands total commitment and hard work which Alan learnt when he spent 10 years of his life working in the Daw Mill mine in Warwickshire.

Alan has now brought his hard work and commitment to the brewing industry as he strives to create the perfect pint and of course the beers are all named in connection with the mining industry.

The Merry Miner Brewery is situated in rural Staffordshire between the Tamworth and Atherstone on the B5000 and is a smart, wood-clad affair with a ten firkin capacity 2.5 barrel plant which Alan has plans to expand as the business grows.