We offer a range of beers, ranging from mild ales at 3.5% through to premium strength beers.

Merry Miner Mild (3.5%)

merry-miner-mild sA dark chestnut coloured ale full of roast malt flavours and complemented with a traditional smooth Moorish finish.

Warwickshire's Finest (3.8%)

warwickshires-finest sExcellent light amber in colour session bitter with a full flavour taste, slight smooth bitterness, finishing with a pleasant citrus flavour on the nose.

Davy's Lamp (4.0%)

davys-lamp sPale barley in coloured full-flavoured bitter, citrus flavours on the nose, pleasing hoppyness in the finish.

Deputy's Drop (4.3%)

deputys-drop sThis full-flavoured golden brown bitter will excite all taste buds, using toffee crystal malt, to enhance the full-bodied rich smooth all rounded finish.

Pit Pony (4.5%)

pit-pony sFull-flavoured  golden in colour premium bitter, with a smooth pleasing bitterness in the finish.

Coal Face Porter (5.0%)

coal-face-porter sA full-flavoured dark reddish in colour porter with under tones of fresh honey and chocolate malt in the finish.

Self Rescuer (3.9%)

self-rescuer sDeep golden in colour with a pleasing bitterness & a smooth malty after taste.

Cap Lamp (4.2%)

cap-lamp sFull bodied mid golden in colour beer refreshing with a crisp clean bitterness in the finish. 

Going Underground (4.4%)

going-underground sA refreshingly crisp beer, full of flavours golden amber in colour with a pleasing bitterness on the palate.

Methane (5.0%)

methane sA premium full-flavoured light golden coloured bitter with a citrus and bitter finish.

Miner's Fancy (6.2%)

miners-fancy-beer sA top class premium ale, pale in colour, full flavoured with a crisp clean aftertaste. After a few of these you would fancy anyone !!!